Gartwo's Bendie Mecca
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Often ignored by collectors, bendies are my personal favorite type of wrestling figures to collect. They look great, are usually pretty affordable and aren't grossly overproduced like some wrestling action figures (i.e. there's about 4,000 different Jakks Steve Austin figures). There are bendies that span the past 15 years, from the LJN line of the 80's to the more recent WWF Justoys line so you can have all your favorite stars from yesterday & today. Here I cover all the lines of bendable wrestling figures ever produced. Just click the links below to see pictures and ever-made lists, as well as some unreleased prototypes of each line. And don't forget there are plenty of these guys available in the store!
Diamond Toymakers 1985
Justoys/Play Well 1990-91
Justoys 1994-2001
WWE Flex'Ems
Jakks 2003