The "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling" Collectable Erasers Connection!
The Wendi Richter eraser is the only figure ever made of this former WWF Women's Champion. Perhaps that explains why she sold MOC at eBay for $520! Or, maybe someone just really needed an eraser. Wendi along with pal Cyndi Lauper was a key player in the famed "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection" of the 1980's which led to the creation of WrestleMania, the WWF's huge surge in popularity and, of course, the CBS Saturday Morning cartoon these erasers are based on. If my history's correct, Wendi abruptly left the WWF on not-so friendly terms, so I suppose that explains why LJN never got around to making a Wendi figure of their own. That means for all you Wendi Richter maniacs out there, this is the only way you can ever make her a part of your figure collection. If you'd ask me who this was just by looking at it, I would never know. To me, it looks more like Wendi Richter's Great Aunt or something, more so than it does Wendi herself. Her face just has sort of a middle-aged look to it to me. But, she's the only female in this line so she's cool in that sense. She's definitely one of the harder ones to find, i've seen maybe 3 or 4 counting mine over my years of collecting. You can't really tell from the pic, but she's posed in sort of a running position and she won't stand up on her own at all, which really gets on my nerves since I like to display all my figures out for everyone to see. That's why I really love Winston Toys packaging design. I know a lot of pro-MOC collectors out there would gasp in horror at the idea of tearing open an almost 20 year old package, but, thanks to the innovative packaging design, you can remove these figures without mesing up the package. I don't understand why more toy companies don't use this idea. Especially in today's age where toys are collectables first, and playtings later.