The "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling" Collectable Erasers Connection!
To me, the Iron Sheik is kind of like the unwanted stepchild of the Rock 'n' Wrestling figures. He's nothing special, but you'll take him if you have to. He looks almost exactly like his 8 inch LJN counterpart, the only difference being the position of his left arm. He is the easiest one to find, and also the least expensive. I've never seen him sell MOC for more than $15. When you think about it, the Sheik here should be one of the harder erasers to find. Consider this logic: The Iron Sheik, what with his anti-United States beliefs and all, was a very hated wrestler. So it seems to me like all of the young American kids of the Reagan 80's who owned one of these Sheik erasers would've loved nothing more than to turn his Ayatollah lovin' face into eraser dust, a mere swipe of the hand away from from forever scattering his sorry remains. Or maybe they just never paid him any attention at all, and that's why there's so many perfectly preserved Iron Sheiks still around today for all of us collectors to snatch up. If the Winston Toys people would've only made him look more like the cartoon version of the Sheik, then I would have much different feelings toward him. Look at how cool that would've been. The cartoon Sheik looks a lot more evil and intimidating, wearing his patented Middle-Eastern dress and, matching boots no less! Who knows, maybe they did make another version of him and he just hasn't shown up on the net yet. A man can dream, can't he? You know, it must be embarassing being the Iron Sheik eraser, always showing up with mismatched boots on, Well, it was the 80's, perhaps he was going for the Punky Brewster look or something.