The "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling" Collectable Erasers Connection!
Junkyard Dog is, without a dobut, my favorite Rock 'n' Wrestling eraser. Maybe it's because he's the one I got most recently, therefore the one i've looked for the longest, and the final piece in completing my collection. Or maybe it's because he's the only one that comes with an accessory, his real metal chain! Yeah, that's probably it. Just look at him over there, he's a perfect rendition of the JYD character from the cartoon, and if you've already read my Roddy Piper page, you know how much I like the idea of the figures actually looking like the cartoons they're supposed to be based on. He even has his open hand outstretched so he can hold his chain just like in the illustration. I really wished all the figures looked like their cartoon counterparts. I went almost 4 years of collecting these guys without seeing JYD, then in the span of 2 weeks I saw three of them. The first one sold at auction for $116 MOC, I was outbid at the last minute and thought for sure my only chance at owning JYD had slipped through my hands. I emailed the lady who had put it up for sale, simply out of curiosity as to how she came across him, and much to my surprise and shock, she informed me that she had found two of them at a flea market! She asked if i'd be interrested in buying her other and without a dobut I jumped all over that offer! So, as if fate had intervened, I finallly had Junkyard Dog and I could now say my eraser collection was complete. Meanwhile another one popped up on eBay MOC and sold for $105 this time around. You can bet for sure the next time another one shows up, it'll be big bucks yet again. I'm extremely grateful to the lady who helped end my nearly 4 year journey of the Rock 'n' Wrestling erasers.