The Immortal Hulk Hogan. Without a doubt the greatest legend in wrestling history, if only for the fact that he's the only one to have his own Saturday morning cartoon and line of figurine erasers. As you can see, there are 2 different erasers of Hulk, a distinction held by only him and Jimmy Snuka (as far as I know). The arms down version is the easier to find, if you can call any figure from this set "easy" to find. $15-$30 is about the average you'd pay for either of these MOC. If you're an avid wrestling collector, you've probably noticed that the arms up Hulk is an exact replica of his first 8 inch LJN figure. The same is true for the 2 Snuka figures, as you can see on my Snuka page. One can only wonder as to why this is. I really wish they would have focused more on making Eraser Hulk look more like Cartoon Hulk. That's what makes JYD and Piper's eraser figures so great, they're modeled after the cartoons and that gives them a very distinct and one of a kind look. You can slap a balding blonde head of hair and fumanchu moustache on any face and it will look like Hulk Hogan; like those generic wrestling figures you find at the local $1 store, you know, the one's that always have He-Man looking bodies and a Hulk Hogan head. That's kinda what I think of when I look at the Hulk erasers. But, he's the Hulkster, and if it weren't for him there would've been no erasers at all and I would've had to have made a site devoted to my California Raisins figures or something. So you've gotta love Hulk.