Gartwo's Bendie Mecca
1985-86 LJN
These guys were produced during the wrestling boom of the mid 1980's. They stand about 4.25"-4.75" and are, for the most part , exact replicas of their 8" LJN counterparts, except more bendy. As you can see above, there are 2 variations on the packaging. The first release was on a card that resembled the package of the 8 inch LJN line, while the second release was on a card similar to those of the Rock 'n' Wrestling erasers. There were only a few of the bendies released on the first card. There are also several figure variations in this line, which is what makes it so fun. There are 4 wrestlers who were produced both with and without laces on their boots: Piper, Hogan, Sheik & Orndorff. I think the first releases are the ones without laces, while all releases after that had the laces. There is a thrid variation on Hulk Hogan, the blue kneepads version. This figure is a good .25" taller than the rest of the figures in the series and as a result he doesn't really fit in with the others. I've been told he came exclusively with the Bendie ring, but that isn't certain. Speaking of the ring, there are a few variations on it. There are 2 different colored cages: gray & a cream/flesh color. There are also 2 different colors of ring posts: red & blue. As for which versions are more rare, I don't know. Enjoy the pics below, and please email if you have any information that may be helpful.
Extra items:

Steel Cage Challenge ring (all variations + box & accessories)
pics hopefully soon!

Tag Team Champions 2-Packs