Gartwo's Wrestling Figures-Big Addition to my collection!
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Thanks to site visitor Mr. Tim Moffitt I have just added a lot of great stuff to my collection that i've been looking for! Click the links below to check out the pics, and thanks again to Tim!

Entire set of WWF Hasbro Mini Wrestlers, including the Royal Rumble ring playset!

Complete set of AWA Thumbsters!

WWF HG Toys Andre the Giant Clip!

2 WCW Toy Biz Keychains!

2 more Jakks WWF Thumb Wrestlers!

2 Pages devoted to various Generic Mini Figures
& Generic Thumb Wrestlers!

In addition to this great stuff, I also recently picked up the Jakks Edge Flex'em & the Hope Toys WCW Sting Zipper Pull!
If you have anything that is on my want list that you'd like to sell or trade, please email me and hopefully we can work out a deal! Enjoy these updates, as well as the rest of the site & thanks a lot for visitng!