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WWF Wrestling Superstars Bendies
LJN 1985-86
These were produced during the wrestling boom of the mid 80's. They stand around 4.5" and are, for the most part, replicas of their 8" LJN counterparts... except more bendy. As you'll read below, there are variations on a few figures and on the packaging. Most of these aren't too hard to find, with blue Hulk probably the rarest. A complete ring is hard to come by, and the MOC 2-packs are almost non-existent. Etc. etc. etc......................................
King Kong Bundy
Corporal Kirchner
Bobby Heenan
Hillbilly Jim
Junkyard Dog
Lou Albano
Randy Savage
Ricky Steamboat
George Steele
Big John Studd
Jesse Ventura
Nikolai Volkoff
Andre the Giant
Brutus Beefcake
Roddy Piper
With boot laces and without
Paul Orndorff
With boot laces and without
Iron Sheik
With boot laces and without
As you can see here, variations exist on four of the wrestlers in this set. Piper, Orndorff, Sheik and Hulk were made both with and without boot laces. I'm not sure if laced or unlaced came first. The guys with laces tend to be a bit larger. In the case of Hulk there is a third variation: A bendie that's larger than the others with blue kneepads. I've been told he came exclusively with the ring, but i've never been able to confrim it.
Hulk Hogan
With laces; blue pads; without laces